Height : 5' 3h
Dress : 5
Shoes : 6
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown

Miss Universe Japan 2013 Finalist and Sponsor special award
Ambassador of "Flower and Nature" Saitama

The total number play of yurino's first single song "Be My Game Boy" is 900,000 times on you tube.

Film & TV
Film "EL DIABLO" one of the main casts "Yuki"
Got the RISING STAR AWARD in 2016 Canada International Festival
Los Angeles Film Review Best Cinematography Independent Film Awards 2015
Los Angeles Film Review Official Selection Independent Film Awards 2015

Short film "Villains" which Yurino acted a role as a Spy.
This film in the conpetition on Super hero project by YouTube space and Stan Lee.

TV drama "Suteki Na Sen TAXI" Guest Star (Fuji TV)
TV drama "Tokumei Tantei" Guest Star (TV Asahi)
TV drama "Zero No Shinjitsu" Guest Star (TV Asahi)
TV drama "Doubles - Futari no Keiji -" Guest Star (TV Asahi)
TV drama "Mierieno Kashiwagi" Guest Star (TV Tokyo)
TV drama "Shi to Kanojo to Boku" Guest Star (TV Asahi)
TV drama "Friday Pre stage Totsugawa" Guest Star (Fuji TV)
TV drama "Tokumei Sentai Go Busters" Guest Star (TV Asahi)
TV drama "Hashi wo Wataru Shitai" Guest Star (TV Tokyo)
"Teiban Times" Guest Star (BS Asahi)
Film "Thermae romae2" (2015)
Film "Tokyo PR women" (2015)
Film "Mr. Maxman" (2015)
A film in Youtube with youtuber
"Seishun Tantei Haruya" (Action scene)
"Yokkame no Kohuku Action scene(Bee TV)
"Kageriyuku Natsu (WOWOW TV)
"Gold House" Guest Star (Fuji TV)
"HIRARI by RYOHEI" Guest Star (Music PV)
"Kimino Nawa Kibou by Nogizaka 46" Lead Role (Music PV)
"Trembling Tokyo by Einleit6" Guest Star (Music PV) YouTube
"Tokusou Keiji Man vs Kaitou Cat's Idol"
"Zenryoku Zaka" Lead Role (TV Asahi)
"Ohayou Asahi desu" Model (Kansai TV)
"The Hairy Bikers Recipes" Guest Star (BBC)
"UNWANTED/HITORI" Guest Star (Film)
"DT" Guest Star (Film)
"Last Shot" Lead Role (Short Film)
"Growing" Lead Role (Short Film)
"Protect Earth by reducing garbage" Guest Star (Kagoshima city education Video)
"Jpy + Happy News" Guest Star (Jpy + in LA)

"Struggle" Lead Role (Short Film)
"Gogo Tama News" Guest Star (Saitama TV)
"JCV News" Guest Star (JCV)
"Sushi Train" Guest Star (Australian TV)

"The hairy bikers" Guest Star (BBC TV Britain)

SHISEIDO "Kokuhaku Make" Guest Star (SHISEIDO. Ink)
NISSAN "e-NV200" (web)
STARFLYER "Video" (on the airplane) (Official YouTube)
TOKYO DISNEY RESORT "Vacation package" (web)
"KTS Automobile City" Lead Role (Tigers Prods)
"Aete yokatta Tanba Sasayama" (PV)

"Dream fantasy musical" Japan tour 2011 Lead Role
"MOTHER" in National Theater Guest Star (AirStudio)
"Toyama Family" Theater Lead Role (Air Studio)
"Utamai Pink Ribbon Charity Event" Lead Role Dancer (Butou)
"Noah's Ark on the Moon" Lead Role (Stray Dog)

"YELL from Shimokita" Charity for Tohoku Singer, Dancer (Shimokitazawa City)
"Japan expo" in Los Angeles Karate fighter
"Japan short film festival" Stunt fighter
"9 States Dance event" Dancer
"Okariba Marathon" Singer, Dancer, MC
"Floating Fire Works Display" Singer, Dancer, MC
"Bullet Train Opening Ceremony" Singer, Dancer, MC (JR Kyushu)
"LEAD Concert" Singer, Dancer (Vision Factory)
"MBC Summer Festival" Singer, Dancer (MBC TV)
"Yamada Kazuko Jazz Dance Concert" Dancer (Y.K Company)

"Stamp on your heart" Singer, Dancer (Shibuya Live house)
"Star Stage Christmas Eve" Singer, Dancer (WALD 9)
"Tokyo Tower Entame Festival" Dancer, Action
"Miss Universe Japan 2014 Saitama" Singer, Dancer, Chorus, MC

NHK Model NHK (Japan Broadcast)
Magazine "Jpy+" (LA) Model Jpy + in LA
Weekly "LALALA" (LA) Guest Star
Magazine "Ametame" (LA) Guest Star
Fashion show (LA) Guest Star (Hollywood Highland)
Magazine "Kate Rubber" Model

Magazine "RIMO" Model
Magazine "MONOQLO" Model
Magazine "CanCam" Model
Internet "Little New York" Model

Film "SEX AND THE CITY" Voice Over
Film "UNLIMITED GIFT" Voice Over
Animation "Princes AI" Voice Over
TV "AIKORE PLUS" Narrator (Sky Perfect TV)

Acting & Singing & Action
Kagoshima Talent School: Dance, singing, MC
College: Major in Theater Arts
Hollywood Entertainment School: Acting, Karate, Stunt Fight, Dance
EDGE Performing Arts Center: Dance
Modern Ballet Studio
Yamaki Karate Dojo (Full contact Karate, taught by Kyokushin world champion)
A Stunt and action team member (sword, karate, stick, acrobatic action)
Voice training (2007-2012)

Speaks Japanese and English fluently
Calligraphy (Holds the highest rank, 8th degree)
Trained in Karate, stunt fights, sword actions, acrobatics, Shorinji Kenpo, G-kundo
Piano (5 years)
Voice training (6 years)
Dance: 19 years of experience in Jazz, Modern Ballet, HipHop, House, Locking, Popping, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk, Japanese Traditional Festival Dance, Contemporary Dance
Sports: Track and field (First place in 400m relay of prefectural competition), rhythmic gymnastics, basketball
Be My Game Boy
yurino feat S3R
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